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Our Core Members

The Center for Babaylan Studies is led by a dedicated group of volunteers: a diverse, multi-disciplinary collective bringing together a multitude of skills, talents, experiences, and knowledge. They are academics, communication experts, racial equity strategists, visual artists, data scientists, authors, researchers, grassroots organizers, social entrepreneurs, healers, and educators. They come from a legacy of past volunteer core members (which include the Center's founders), and devote countless hours of their time, expertise, and energy to create engaging programming, meaningful content, and contribute to powerful local and international movements, both in their personal and professional lives, as well as to advance the sacred work and purpose of the Center for Babaylan Studies.


Lily photo_edited.jpg

S. Lily Mendoza

Executive Director


Alixa Lacerna

Core Member

200618_CISA_PAYUYO_PORTRAITS_FRIOLO_010 (2)_edited.jpg

Cisa Payuyo

Core Member

Danielle Daguio pic_edited.jpg

Danielle Daguio

Core in Training

D and Toffee_edited.jpg

Drew Pineda

Core in Training


Eric Wilson

Core in Training


Justine Villanueva

Core Member


Kurt Manuel

Core in Training


Maileen Hamto

Core Member

Past Core Members

Our deepest gratitude and love to all of the powerful and dedicated kapwa who have served and supported CfBS in varying capacities over the years.

Aimee Gomez

Amala Tala

Christina Verano Sornito Carter

Frances Santiago

Grace Villarin Dueñas

Jana Lynne Umipig

Jen Maramba

Joanna La Torre

Karen Pennrich

Lane Wilcken

Lizae Cervantes Reyes

Lorial Crowder

Mary Hernandez

Mila Anguluan-Coger

Olivia Sawi

Orion Camero

Vanessa Ramalho
Venus Herbito

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