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Cisa Payuyo

Core Member

Cisa Payuyo (she/her pronouns) is an ordained retired minister with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). She served as a campus chaplain at Chapman University in Orange, California for twenty years, overseeing the Disciples on Campus program, which is a progressive Christian community. She was also advisor to the Interfaith Council. Cisa is currently an Anti Racism educator for clergy and congregations in her area. Starting in January 2024, Cisa will serve part-time as the Associate Regional Minister of Pastoral Care for Clergy in the Pacific Southwest region. Cisa is a settler in the Yaanga Village of the Tongva/Kizh Territory (City of Los Angeles, near Historic Filipinotown).

Cisa has been associated with the Center for Babaylan Studies since attending the first International Babaylan Conference at Sonoma State University in 2010. For Cisa, decolonization is a spiritual practice.

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