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Questions for You

These are questions on how a modern Filipina/o can reflect on whether she/he is Babaylan-inspired or not.

  • Do you find that your awareness has changed or is changing?

  • Are you awakening? Awakened?

  • Do you see things differently than you used to and/or than how others see things?

  • Have you ever wondered what Filipino indigenous soul can be like?

  • Have you ever wondered how a Filipino can deepen his/her connection with Filipino ancestral traditions?

  • Have your ever felt different from most other people. When you were growing up did you not always fit in with your peers?

  • Have you realized sometime in your life, early on, later or recently, that you had capabilities such as pre-cognitiveness, intuition, inner-knowing, third sight?

  • Do you believe that all people have capabilities such as these but they just aren’t aware of it or might ignore/suppress it?

  • Have you begun your own inner healing process, in order to do clearer, stronger work to do good in this world?

  • Have you come to an awareness of a higher calling through dreams, continuous coincidences, visitations, mystical revelations?

  • Have you begun deepening your own spiritual practice and awareness of the highest Truths or have you embarked on an active journey of finding yourself and awakening to your highest Inner Self? This process for Filipinos is also called pagbabalikloob.

  • Do you believe you are called to aid others in their own pagbabalikloob process?

  • Do your personal interests or any aspects of your work include a return, rediscovery, renewal of indigenous roots?

  • Do you help Filipinos and non-Filipinos alike on a path of spiritual wholeness, society on spiritual wholeness or personal fulfillment—in modern terms—empowerment?

  • Are you beginning to become aware of your ego and how it gets in the way of good sincere work. For example, are you beginning to become aware if you overly concerned with who gets the credit… and how that slows your down?

  • Are you aware that if you can step out of a power struggle situation that you can better dedicate your energies to the work at hand?

  • Do you find yourself leading “double lives” at times? For example you find yourself living one life where you are a healer or an intuitive, and the other life where you conform to the mainstream and live an ordinary, accepted, every day life?

  • Do your actions and beliefs sometimes solicit skepticism and/or ridicule from your family, colleagues, and the status quo?

  • Do you believe in human’s having a spiritual path? Do you belive in the soul’s karmic process?

  • Do you feel special from the inside out because you been given gifts of leadership, intuition, inner knowing, healing, vision, teaching, spirituality and mysticism, and/or a warrior’s courage?

  • Have you ever wondered what you should be doing with such gifts?

  • Have you ever felt that you had to do something good with your life and that there was a higher calling for you?

“It is said that to awaken to critical consciousness, it is not enough to see and grieve what is wrong in the world-one needs also to fall in love.”

Lily Mendoza | CfBS Executive Director | Back from the Crocodile’s Belly

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