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Our name, Center for Babaylan Studies, recognizes the work of de­colonization/indigenization as not only social and political, but, above all, spiritual. Among our Indigenous Peoples, no such artificial divisions exist—all work is spiritual! The sacredness of all life and the recognition of our ultimate source in the generosity of living Earth is at the heart of the worldview we seek to honor and recover in our practice.

We envision that our events and projects will bring together:

1. Key resource persons from the Philippines on Filipino Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Practices;

2. Babaylan/culture-bearers in the US whose life work is informed by the babaylan tradition;

3. Babaylan-inspired scholars who address the sub-themes in the stated vision;


4. Babaylan-inspired teachers, healers, warriors, priestesses, and visionaries whose life work is
centered around indigenizing the Filipino self;


5. Persons who recognize decolonization as a spiritual path;

6. Persons who consciously work on the sycnretic integration of non-indigenous elements into Filipino spirituality;


7. Persons whose expressions resonate with being indigenous or indio-genius.

The mission of CFBS is to spearhead reconnection with the heritage and creativity of Filipino indigenous wisdom and spirituality in an age of globalization. We achieve his by:


  • Exploring and developing Pakikipagkapwa (deep interconnectivity), Kagandahang Loob (Wholeness of Being), Pakikiramdam (Deep Empathy)

  • Organizing conferences, workshops, retreats, concerts and events that bring about deep appreciation for Filipino Indigenous Spirituality

  • Creating and maintaining an online archive of spiritual, social, cultural, historical and other materials relevant to our vision

  • Fostering learning groups and collaborating with other organizations who share our vision

  • To facilitate decolonization processes rooted in Filipino Indigenous Spirituality, Wisdom, and Beauty

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