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What You Will Get:

  • On-Demand Access to the Recorded Webinar 


How do we begin to recover a more indigenous way of being in the world? How do we work towards a more expansive sense of self than our individualist training in modern Western society has taught us?

Join Leny Strobel and the Center for Babaylan Studies in a webinar to discover how to develop a better understanding of self through an exploration of the personal and communal stories that create an open and transformative identity. Examine these through your personal history, dreams, gender/sexuality, place, nature, mythic stories, ancestors and genealogical imagination, spirituality/faith/atheism/skepticism, community, and more. Learn how to reconnect to your indigenous inheritance by using ethnoautobiography as a framework and unlearn colonial and settler mentality.

While the Center for Babaylan Studies is focused on Filipino indigenous wisdom, this webinar will be beneficial to people of any and all ethnicities, cultures, belief systems, etc., that wish to deepen their sense of self. 

Indigenous Reclamation through Ancestral Work, by Leny Strobel

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