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Olivia Sawi

Core Member

Olivia was introduced serendipitously to the Center for Babaylan Studies at the first International Conference in 2010 while in graduate school for her Masters degree in American History. She was invited to journey along to the conference when taking the Filipino American Experience class with Professor Estella Habal at San Jose State University, and has remained involved ever since.

She is of Bicolano descent on her mother's side and Ilocano descent on her father's side. She has family on both sides still remaining in the homeland, and enjoys connecting with them and visiting when she is able. 

Olivia has experience in many diverse fields such as bodywork, spirituality, education (Pre-kindergarten through college), history (20th century, Labor History, Filipino American), theatre (stage management), and martial arts (Brazilian jiu jitsu). Olivia’s life experiences help guide her desire to assist people in searching for their deeper meaning and purpose, and in achieving their full potential.

She feels blessed and honored to be a Core Member of CfBS. She wishes you the best during your ancestral journey of decolonizing and re-indigenizing and looks forward to meeting you soon, in person or otherwise.

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