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Jen Maramba

Core Member

Jennifer Maramba, Pangasinense and Ilongga, is a mother and artist in Toronto, Canada. She co-directs the Kapwa Collective group’s creative and collaborative projects that disseminate Filipino Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Practices locally. She interfaces with local elders from Native communities to bridge narratives and teachings with the intention of acknowledging her own identity as a settler and what it means to be 'Filipinx' - 'Canadian'.

Jennifer is an inter-disciplinary artist and creative arts facilitator/educator promoting healing through art. As an artist and healer,Jennifer has developed and facilitated arts healing for Tkaronto (Toronto, Canada) community groups, organizations and individuals. Her current work in eco-art healing, allows for individuals and groups to explore the healing power of nature and communicating with nature through a creative process of visual art, sound art and movement. Jennifer is a movement guide, Reiki / healing touch practitioner, and scared space holder.

In Tkaronto, Jennifer  holds Sacred Circles for BIPOC Healers and individuals who need a loving and safe place to hold Ritual and Ceremony for sacred intention, release, healing and to connect with ancestors and guides.
Jennifer, her partner Alex JR and their children Kawayan and Kaleo form the Punzaramba Artist Family. Together they strive to learn more about and connect more deeply with their Filipino heritage, often traveling to the Philippines to immerse themselves within the culture of the Philippines.  The Punzaramba Artist Family aims to share their journeys through the arts with the goal of bridging communities.

As mentioned earlier, Jennifer is a member of the Kapwa Collective, a group of Filipino Canadian artists, critical thinkers, and healers who work towards bridging narratives between the Indigenous and the Diasporic, and the Filipino and the Canadian. The Kapwa Collective facilitates links among academic, artistic, activist, and other communities in Toronto, Canada.

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