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Center for Babaylan Studies

Educational Offerings

Decolonization School

Facilitated by Jana Lynne Umipig, Olivia Sawi, and Jen Maramba

In our 10 year anniversary, the Center for Babaylan Studies, welcomes our diasporic family into a purposeful circle of collective Decolonization work. Through this work we hope to guide and offer cultivated knowledge to our community and also create a space for spiral knowledge exchange,  to grow us all in the arduous Lifetime work of re-membering self, ancestors, motherland and spirit. Each session will include the sharing of readings and other media to support Inner Work prior to our Virtual Circle Sharing and we will also invite our Elders and other guests to join us for conversation and to guide us in even deeper discovery and understanding.

Though participants can attend sessions individually, these gatherings are meant to be experienced as a full series of learning, as we will follow a process of Ethnoautobiographical exploration created by Jana Lynne Umipig, Olivia Sawi, and Jen Maramba with the guidance and collaboration of CfBS Core and Community lineage from the past 10 years.

Ethnoautobiography makes explicit that identity is shaped by many factors beyond ethnicity. It helps to heal our disconnection from history, place, nature, community, dreams, mythic stories, faith and spirituality, gender. It reconnects personal identity with a more integrated, or communal existence, because the complexity of our self provides us with rich inner resources. As we survive, live, and thrive in the age of Decolonization, Ethnoautobiography is used in the recovery of the Indigenous Mind and the understanding of the shadows of Colonial Mentality.

We pray you will join us for this deep work of re-membering.

Upon Registration, Inner Work will be sent to you to prepare for our talk as a community.


For Space:

  • A Digital Device with Zoom Capability for Visual and Sound

  • Open Space for Movement

  • *Invite you Family, Roommates, Friends in your home to Join*


For Ritual and Ceremony-

  • Journal and writing tools

  • Something to Lay on- Yoga Mat/ Blankets


Create Your OWN Dambana Space Prior to Training (ie. Sacred Space, Altár, etc.) To Lay Down Offerings-

  • A Sacred Cloth as Base (Make sure to clean the floor, surface before placing it down.)

  • AT LEAST ONE Photo/ Relic/ Item of Importance of Ancestors (Non-Living) you would like to Honor

  • Any food offerings for these Ancestors - what they liked or enjoyed to eat

  • Flowers- ones that call to you with their beauty and vibrancy or any color to beautify the space

  • Items that are Sacred to You, that connect you to Spirit, that Ground you

More Decolonization School Offerings Coming Soon


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