CfBS is celebrating our

10 Year Anniversary!

Help us to honor this legacy by participating in the 10 for $10 Challenge!

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Help us raise $5,000... with just $10

This year we are celebrating 10 YEARS of artistic, cultural, and political activism around decolonization and indigenous learning and liberation. As part of our 10 year anniversary, we’re doing the 10 for $10 Fundraising Challenge. All the proceeds of the challenge will go toward supporting the travel and registration costs of indigenous elders and honored guests at our upcoming 4th International Babaylan Conference in Toronto. The challenge is easy…

First, just donate $10.

That is the ONLY financial investment on your part. 


Then, you ask 10 other people you know to also donate $10. Ask family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers and so on, anyone who you think would be willing to give just $10 to support this cause. And just like that, with your donation, and the donations of your 10 friends, family members, and others, you’ve helped us raise $110!

Use the donation form to make your initial $10 donation!